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Custom Mascot Head Grotch Made by Dale Morton Studio

From corporate characters to the local high school mascot, all DMS mascots are created from the finest furs, fabrics, and materials available. All heads are first sculpted in clay to exactly match your design or logo. The shell for your mascot head can be made of durable, lightweight paper mache or fiberglass. Heads are usually entirely covered in fur or fabric in the case of animals, and human characters are typically covered with flesh-colored terri cloth to simulate plush skin texture. A latex skin can also be applied instead of fabric for ultra-realism for an additional cost (see price page).

All animal teeth are custom made here at the DMS studio and are bolted AND glued into the head. Textured animal noses are made of latex with Power Stretch material incorporated into them for strength. Noses are hand stitched AND glued onto the head to prevent removal. All heads have adjustable headgear and a chin strap inside them. The jaw of any head can be made to mechanically open and close through the use of a cable mechanism controlled by a bicycle hand brake pump which can be concealed and operated from within the costume.

The body of your mascot can range from a simple fur suit to more elaborate foam suits with clothes, padded shoulders, bellies, and even muscle texture. Whether you need small feet, large feet, duck feet, hands, paws, tentacles, or tails, DMS can make it.

More unusual and elaborate characters representing objects or food items are created from upholstery foam or Memory Foam, sewn and glued strongly together, then covered in fabric or fur.

If you need a custom-designed mascot character made, call DALE MORTON STUDIO. You WON’T be disappointed!