At Dale Morton Studio(DMS) we craft high quality custom-designed and sculpted mascot costumes of all kinds.  Whether you are a big corporation or small business, major university or local high school, DMS can create your mascot to perfection!  Our mascots are crafted to precisely match whatever design you have in mind, no matter how unusual or unique the concept.  We can create all-foam mascot costumes or highly-detailed sculpted character heads, ranging from any type of animal to walk-around corporate logos, from armored knights of yore to muscle-bound superheroes, Dale Morton Studio can do practically anything.  We can bring to life the craziest and most cartoonish of characters or create highly-detailed sculpted likenesses of real people, past or present.  We will work closely with you to create any costume you need, as many as you need, and we offer a variety of options to accommodate your budget.  A DMS mascot will serve as an entertaining representative of your school or company for many fun-filled and profitable years.

Mascot characters are valuable public relations tools for any institution regardless of size.  They serve as wonderful, attention-getting emissaries that can get your business or message recognized over-and-above your competitors.  They can be used at trade shows, in parades, or on any street corner.  Mascots are remembered fondly by all who hug them or shake their hands (or paws!), and can interact with the public in a way no commercial or billboard can.  At Dale Morton Studio we are COMMITTED to creating your mascot to your complete satisfaction.

If you have a sketch, logo, or product photo and would like to see a color rendering of what it would look like in costume form, then take advantage of our DESIGN SERVICE (click on Mascot Pricing).  If you have no mascot artwork, then we can also design one for you.  For a small fee we will design your character until it meets with your approval.  Once the design is finalized and creation of your mascot begins, we can even e-mail you photos of the costume in progress, giving you the opportunity to make any changes to the design or sculpture.

We also do work for other costume shops that want to offer their clients custom-sculpted mascot costumes.  If you are a costume company that needs a made-to-order mascot head or unusual character costume, DMS would be happy to do it for you.  If you want us to make the head only, just send us several yards of whatever fur or fabric you’re using to craft the body suit and we will apply it to the head to match.

Enliven your next ad campaign, cheer your team to victory, or promote your next new product with a mascot character costume from DALE MORTON STUDIO MASCOT COSTUMES, where your imagination and our skills work together to bring your mascot to life!